What’s WOK?

Wings of Kilimanjaro is an incredible annual adventure, focused on Tanzania’s famed Mt Kilimanjaro, one of the 7 Summits Of the World and the most iconic landmark on the entire continent of Africa.

Participants in the WOK event each year aim to ascend Kilimanjaro’s 19,341 foot peak, and then launch themselves from the summit and paraglide back down, flying high over the most stunning scenery in the world in an epic adrenalin rush! This is one of the most exciting and thrilling challenges anyone could hope to encounter in a lifetime.

As part of this annual adventure, our team raises huge amounts of money for charity projects, which improve the lives of Tanzanians in a multitude of ways – from digging wells for fresh water to building schools. Participants in WOK are invited to attend the openings of these charity projects in Tanzania after the WOK event each year, and to stay informed of how the projects are progressing and where the money is going.

Join WOK to help us make a positive difference to the world today!

What’s special about WOK?

First, it’s the only event of its kind in the world! There’s nothing else like WOK – we offer an absolutely unique adventure, like no other that you’ll ever experience.

Second, by either participating in or donating to WOK, you’re helping us to improve the lives of thousands of Tanzanians! The fundraising money is used to build schools, deliver clean water projects and also focus on sustainable and environmentally restorative activities.

Third; we believe that WOK, while being the most exciting charity event in the world, is the only event of its kind where 100% of charity funds go straight to our dedicated charity projects in Tanzania while all event running costs are covered entirely by our sponsors. All participants, including the organizing team themselves, have to raise the same amount of charity funds for our projects and pay the same climbing/participation fees as our guests. No one gets a free ride. Whilst not the most sustainable business model out there, it is a proud tradition of the WOK legacy that we have been able to achieve so much tangible change in Tanzania with such modest numbers.

Where the money goes

Wings of Kilimanjaro is one of the only Charity Events globally which can boast that 100% of its Charity Funds raised all make it to their WOK Charity Partner Projects.

Because we are dedicated to meet our charity fundraising targets, it’s not a free ride up the mountain. All WOK’ers must commit to set fund raising goals, depending on event involvement, in order to be accepted into the event.

Check out our Charity Partner Worldserve International for details of some of the incredible charity projects they’re working on in Tanzania! This is where your fundraising money goes – it’s absolutely amazing to see what they are achieving and the amount of lives that are being changed.