Donate to Wings of Kilimanjaro!

If climbing a mountain and jumping off it isn’t exactly your cup of tea, you can still help enormously by donating to this amazing charity cause!

There are two easy ways you can help right here and now.

Support a Friend

Support your friends, family and co-workers who are coming on the WOK adventure with us, by donating directly to their fundraising tally and boosting their fundraising totals to help them get up the mountain. They need all the help you can give them to reach their goals!

Find a Friend!

– OR –

General Donation

If you don’t know any of the participants individually but still want to help Tanzanians get fresh clean drinking water (and hey, why wouldn’t you?) please just make a general donation to the cause!  Every cent counts. The dollar you donate today is the dollar that helps a Tanzanian family tomorrow.

Make a General Donation Now!

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