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The 2019 adventure will be one of our biggest adventures yet! The Wings of Kilimanjaro team hope that WOK 2019 will be the event which brings our total Wings of Kilimanjaro fundraising to over US $1Million. And just like usual, 100% of all charity dollars will go to our Tanzanian charity projects with zero event fees or charity administration charges. Few events on the planet can lay claim to similar achievements.
Pencil WOK into your diary now for September 2019, and head over to our registration form to apply to come along!
We’re looking forward to seeing you at the top of Africa!

The Wings of Kilimanjaro’ expeditions are made possible by a small but passionate team from Australia who have worked for over 8 years to plan and execute these extraordinary events.

2019 Itinerary:

  • September 18th: WOK Team arrival at Kilimanjaro International Airport  and personal taxi to the Team Hotel in Arusha
  • September 19th: 2019 WOK-Team Briefing and Reserve Parachute Repacking Class at team hotel. Participants can also do their last minute shopping for supplies in Arusha city.
  • September 20th: Enter Kilimanjaro National Park through Machame Gate (5,400 ft) and hike through rainforest to Machame Camp (9,400 ft).
  • September 21st: Hike out of the rainforest belt at Machame Camp through the heath and brush moorlands up onto the Shira Plateau (12,355 ft).
  • September 22nd: Hike off the Shira Plateau over to the Moir Hut, underneath the Western Breach and the Southern Ice Field (13,800 ft).
  • September 23rd: Hike from Moir Hut to Barranco (12,700 ft) via Lava Tower (15,000 ft) and for those not feeling the effect of altitude, can also go up to Arrow Glacier (15,970 ft) to enhance our acclimatisation and summit success chances. This day also brings us through the famous Barranco Valley Senecio Forest.
  • September 24th: Scale the famous Barranco Wall and then hike for 4 hours across the Karanga Valley to finish at Karanga Camp (13,500 ft).
  • September 25th: Hike for 6 hours up past Barafu Camp and set up at the WOK High Camp at Kosovo (15,750 ft).
  • September 26th: Rest day and acclimatisation hikes. At 11pm on the 26th, the team will awake and begin their push for the summit with the aim of reaching Uhuru Peak (19,341 ft) for sunrise, via Stella Point (18,652 ft). Traditionally, the morning we arrive at the summit is the day we launch from either Stella Point or Uhuru Peak (wind direction depending) paragliding back to Moshi for a well-earned hot shower and a cold beer.
  • September 27th: After an all-night hike and a breathtaking sunrise summit, the team will hike back to Stella Point and (weather permitting) will make their first flight attempt on the Kilimanjaro eastern facing paraglider launch at about 19,000 feet. If weather conditions are not safe for flying, the team will move inside the crater and set up camp below the summit ridge alongside Furtwängler Glacier. In the case that we do fly and the team has all landed safely at Moshi, let the celebrations begin!
  • September 28th: Should we have been unlucky with non-flyable weather on the 27th, we will be waking at sunrise on the 28th after spending our 1st night sleeping in Kilimanjaro’s crater. At dawn on the 28th, we will walk back to Stella Point from Crater Camp and attempt the second flight launch from either Stella Point or from Uhuru Peak, depending on wind directions. If unsuccessful, participants can explore the Kilimanjaro still-active volcano chute and various spectacular summit glaciers. Camp in the evening on the 28th will again be inside Kilimanjaro Crater Camp.
  • September 29th: In the unlikely event that we have now spent 2 nights sleeping inside Kilimanjaro’s crater, we will again walk back to Stella Point and attempt the third and final flight launch. In the highly unlikely event that we are even still on the mountain and not flown by 10am on September 29, all participants will descend the mountain on foot via the Mweka route, and drown our sorrows at the Team Hotel that same evening.
  • September 30th: Team Safari to visit the Wings of Kilimanjaro Primary School to meet the children and communities whose lives your fundraising has helped to change forever. Here we will be celebrating with the local Maasai Community for the opening of our new school facilities which have been freshly constructed with our WOK-2019 fundraising dollars. This event will be the most memorable and moving thing that will happen to you in Africa. Of this you can be assured. Please note, should we have flown on the 1st or second day from Kilimanjaro, this trip to the Wings of Kilimanjaro primary school  will be a day or 2 sooner. We expect most participants will be on their second day of safari or lounging on the beaches of Zanzibar by this date!

2019 Charity Fundraising Commitments:

  • Spectator: $2000 USD
  • Solo Pilot: $5000 USD
  • Tandem Pilot: No fundraising required
  • Tandem Passenger: $10,000 USD

2019 Wings of Kilimanjaro Event Costs:

  • Solo Pilots & Tandem Passengers: $4750 USD
  • Tandem Pilots and Spectators: $4000 USD
  • Refundable Crater Camping Deposits for a Maximum of 2 nights should we encounter non-flyable weather on summit day: $960 ($480 per night)